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We are no longer making regular updates to Crescent Blues. Therefore, we can no longer accept review copies or submissions. Nevertheless, we appreciate your interest and wish you the best of luck in placing your work elsewhere.

Pigeonholes Are for Birds

Admit it: you don't just read science fiction, you read mysteries too. And at least once a week you make a trip to the "other" bookstore across town so none of your friends will find out you have a book-a-day romance habit.

When you have guests, you pray they don't look at your shelves, because you don't know how to explain all the books you bought for their covers. Much less the Official Highlander Series Sword™ hanging like the sword of Damocles over your bed.

You'd really like to attend a con or two or three, but you don't know if you'd like it. The reports you've found don't tell you what you need to know. Would it be too crazy? Would it be crazy enough? Is it a party where only "insiders" need apply?

You might know if you were an insider, but you've always had too many interests to be pigeonholed. We know. We feel the same way. That's why we started Crescent Blues.

Crescent Blues will talk to favorite writers, and ask them the things you'd like to know, because we want to know them too. We will explore the side streets of arts and entertainment. We will look at cons from the inside out, and bring back the stories you want to read.

Think of Crescent Blues as your cross-over con, open 24/7. Like a con, we have a number of "tracks" to amuse you, and you can skip from one to the other at will without missing a thing.

But unlike a convention fixed in time and space, our programming isn't limited to pre-scheduled events. Our tracks and features will grow with each update, because like you, we refuse to be limited by anyone else's notions of what we should be.

Crescent Blues -- like life -- isn't a niche; it's a treasure trove.


Crescent Blues

Jean Marie Ward

Teri Smith

Stephen John Smith

Gregory S. Uchrin
Associate Editor for Digital Imaging

Thomas F. DeCaro, Jr.
Legal Advisor



Paul Barnett (a.k.a. John Grant)
Jenny Buehler
Dawn Colclasure
Meg Curtis
Heather Firth
Jennifer Foote
Jodi Forschmiedt
Dawn Goldsmith
Maysa M. Hattab
Kim Headlee
Clint Hunter
Danielle Jones
Lee Killough
Diana L. Marsh
Gina Hodges Martin
Jennifer Matarese
Lynn I. Miller
Theresa Miller
Don & Dixie Mitchell
Michelle Monkou

Lynne Marie Pisano
Moira Richards
Augusta Scattergood
Susan Yonts-Shepard
Anne Valliant
Doris Valliant
Kassie Walters
Patricial L. White
Kathryn Yelinek


Editor's Note: Crescent Blues no longer accepts books for review. For more information, click here. These guidelines are provided for archival purposes only.

Review Policy

Crescent Blues reviews books, ebooks, movies, videos, television, live performances, packaged and Web-based computer games, and other forms of popular entertainment. Review copies should be sent to the following address: 

Crescent Blues
Attn: Editor
P. O. Box 3121
Arlington, VA 22203 

Please note: Crescent Blues does not accept electronic downloads or floppy disks as review copies of electronically published books.  

Authors wishing to offer standard, text-based ebooks for review should send a legible hard copy (no dot matrix or type sizes smaller than 10 points, please) to the address listed above. Authors wishing to offer multi-media ebooks should email the editor at .


Editor's Note: Crescent Blues is closed to submissions, effective August 6, 2006. For more information, click here. These guidelines are provided for archival purposes only.

Submission Guidelines

Crescent Blues buys previously unpublished reviews of books, movies, live performances, videos, television shows, CDs and games. Recommended word length is between 300 and 500 words. We regret that space constraints preclude us from accepting longer reviews. 

The market for feature articles and graphics is very limited. Query the editor in advance before submitting. No feature or graphic will be considered for publication unless the concept is approved in advance. 

Crescent Blues buys first electronic serial rights for a period of one year from date of publication. The rate of compensation for all reviews and features is 1/2 cent a word, payable upon receipt of a signed contract.  

All queries and submissions should be sent to . The subject line should read "QUERY" or "SUBMISSION" as appropriate. 

Reviews should be typed or pasted in the body of the "SUBMISSION" email. To speed the contract process, review submissions should include the full legal name, snail mail address and telephone number of the prospective contributor.  

The editor will determine submission format for features and graphics on a case-by-case basis. However, queries and approved submissions should also include the prospective contributor's full legal name, snail mail address and telephone number.

Please note, Crescent Blues uses the Associated Press (AP) Style Guide, and all narrative submissions should follow AP standards for abbreviation, punctuation, etc. If you aren't familiar with the AP Style Guide, you need to check it out before you submit.  

There are many reasons why a proposed review or feature could be rejected. Foremost among them are: 

  • The concept does not work for Crescent Blues
  • The article or review is poorly written or contains so many typographical errors it is not worth the editor's time to fix it. 
  • The article or review is out of date; the movie is no longer in the theaters, the book is no longer on the shelves, etc. 
  • The review item is too popular; we already have two or more reviews on this topic in the publication queue. 
  • The content of the article is actionable under libel, copyright, trademark or other statutes. 

Additional insight into the Crescent Blues submission process can be found in Assistant Editor Teri Smith's editorial, "Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Editor."

Prospective contributors should be aware that although the editor's decision is final, the editor is rejecting a submission, not its creator. We appreciate our readers' interest in Crescent Blues and wish them well in their creative endeavors.



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