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Julie Clark Robinson: Live in the Moment


Crescent Blues Book Views Beyond Words Publishing (Trade Paperback), ISBN 1-58270-123-7

Book: Julie Clark Robinson: Live in the Moment
Just like death and taxes, you can count on life throwing a curve ball or two. Things get dreary and you start to wonder if things will ever get better again. Then you read a little book called Live in the Moment by Julie Clark Robinson, and a smile starts to form. Life may not magically get better after reading this book, but at least you'll feel better.

In her first book, Live in the Moment, Robinson shows readers through stories, ideas and journal exercises just how to get back on that horse after life knocks you off.

A former advertising copywriter and survivor of a painful marriage, Robinson found joy in her life with a loving husband, two children and a job she loves most: writing. The painful life lessons she learned through chance, death and accident all turn into words of encouragement as Robinson offers readers suggestions on removing negative situations and people from your life, adjusting to the less-than-perfect family you were born into and how to reward yourself guilt-free.

The stories of how she coped with her father's death, how she managed to pick herself up again after 9-11 and how she never lost sight of achieving her dreams fill the heart and mind with a renewed sense of direction and joy. Reading this book is Robinson's long friendly chat with you as a friend, woman, wife, mother and survivor. A person who has "been there, done that," Robinson offers readers words of encouragement and a strong, unwavering sense of hope to go on despite all the painful realities of life.

Live in the Moment covers all negative sides of life: painful relationships, damaging family experiences, sour friendships and a monotonous career. Robinson tackles each one using her own experiences and the lessons she ultimately learned from those experiences. As an example, she writes on negative family experiences: "Here's a thought. Have you ever tried using negative family experiences to your advantage? Why not use them as a springboard for creating the kind of family you want? For example, never mind how your father treated your mother; start thinking about how you'd like to be treated by your husband. If you had no one to show you how to command respect or give lovingly, a fine place to start is by treating yourself well, which includes getting out of relationships that leave you feeling less than good." (p. 87)

Small in size, this book offers treasures both numerous and larger-than-life. Anyone who reads this book will walk away with a new look on life.

Dawn Colclasure

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