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LuAnn McLane: Hot Summer Nights


Crescent Blues Book Views New American Library (Trade Paperback), ISBN 0-451-21316-5

Book: luann mclane, hot summer nights
In Hot Summer Nights, LuAnn McLane offers up three erotic novellas full of steamy sex and baseball. Unlike a lot of novellas, the relationships flow pretty well and don't feel rushed, though sex seems to be the real drawing factor. After really great sex, the characters fall in love. The three stories connect through baseball -- all three occur in the same small town, and the end of one sets the stage for the next one.

In "Hot August Night," Erin O'Shea finds herself face to face with a man from her past, Michael Manning. In high school, she adored him -- the school's star baseball player -- from afar. Now, after a car accident ended his major league baseball career, he moves back to their small town, and his former coach convinces him to apply for the coaching position at the high school. His interview with Erin, now the principal, starts off on the wrong foot. But he wants to find out just what lies beneath her Miss Prim and Proper demeanor, while she must contend with her still raging infatuation with him.

Josey Cooper remade herself after she caught her ex-husband Cal cheating, in "Heat Wave." Now she finds herself attracted to Chase Mitchell, a former big-leaguer who now coaches the town minor-league baseball team. After she gets stood up, Chase joins Josey for dinner, and they end up sharing a wild night of passion. Drawn to Josey's vulnerability and uncertainty (part of the fall-out from her marriage), Chase falls hard for her, but when her ex shows up in town again, Chase finds it hard to believe that Josey really wants nothing to do with Cal.

As part of a silly bachelorette party wager in "Hotshot," Halley Forrester sucks up her courage to hit on Reece Taylor, the smoking pitcher of the local minor-league baseball team. Reece instantly realizes the small-town schoolteacher doesn't fit his type, but that might be exactly what he needs. The hard part could be getting past his ethnicity -- half black and half white.

Jen Foote

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