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Iris Johansen: Countdown


Crescent Blues Book Views Bantam Books (Hardcover), ISBN 0-553-80342-5

Book: iris johansen, countdown
What a disappointment. The dust cover bills Countdown as an Eve Duncan forensics thriller. Not so. Jane MacGuire, chief protagonist and Eve's adoptive daughter, takes center stage in this book. In fact, although it takes place four years later, the tale continues what began in the previous novel, Blind Alley.

Who wants Jane dead? Can anyone do anything to save her? Jane, college senior and of age, plans on answering those questions in her own way without the help of Eva and her husband, Joe Quinn of the Atlanta PD. She feels she can protect them by going on alone -- because whoever threatens her will stop at nothing (and Jane definitely plans to keep Joe and Eva safe).

Who offers her aid? Who decides they must join forces? Mark Trevor, first introduced in Blind Alley -- a smuggler, con man and who knows what else -- returns and plans to keep Jane safe (and becomes the love interest in the thriller). Together, Jane and Mark run to escape the growing danger from a killer obsessed with an ancient mystery that still holds power in today's world.

Can they escape? Perhaps, but doom looms behind them, and they can only run so far -- and so fast.

I like Johansen's books, especially those that feature Eve Duncan, forensic sculptor. But even if Jane seems to function as Eve's alter ego, I found the Countdown lacking. Nevertheless, Johansen write great adventure, I do recommend Countdown, however I suggest the reader grab a copy of Blind Alley and read it first.

Patricia Lucas White

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