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Shanna Swendson: Enchanted, Inc.


Crescent Blues Book Views Ballantine Books (Trade Paperback), ISBN 0-345-48125-9

Book: shanna swendson, enchanted inc.
What a delightful -- or should I say enchanting -- read! Enchanted, Inc. certainly bespelled me. I grinned, chuckled and chortled from page one, and couldn't put this urban fantasy novel down until I completed the last page (and even then I wanted more).

It starts innocently enough when an ordinary girl from Texas, Katie Chandler, moves to the biggest big city. From all the TV shows she watches, Katie assumes New York City plays host to many things weird and wonderful, but she learns just how weird things can be when she accepts a job at Magic, Spells, and Illusions, Inc. MSI sells to the magic community -- the real magic community which includes fairies, gnomes, wizards, and a gargoyle named Sam.

By virtue of her complete ordinariness, Katie becomes an asset to the company because she lacks even a tinge of magic. Thus she can spot a fake spell, find hidden clauses in contracts and see magically disguised infiltrators intent on breaching company security.

Now should be the proper place to mention Katie's immediate boss just happens to be an ogre, and the head of R&D gets her hormones raging every time she sees him. Does he look back? Well, maybe, but plot complications interrupt -- and what complications! A competitor threatens to sell bad magic, and Katie must stop him (with a little help from the world of magic).

If you don't read anything else this summer, grab Enchanted, Inc. and give yourself a few hours of pure pleasure. You won't regret it.

Patricia Lucas White

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