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Lisa Jackson: Deep Freeze


Crescent Blues Book ViewsZebra (Paperback), ISBN 0-8217-7296-1

Book: Lisa jackson, deep freeze
Wow! And wow again!

Icy chills racing down my spine, breathing faster and faster, I declared Deep Freeze a page turner shortly after I began reading it. And did I ever turn the pages! I finished it in one fell swoop. I cooked dinner with it clutched tightly in my free hand, stayed up long past my bedtime and ignored my email until I finished the final page.

Twisting and turning like a river of ice, the plot delivers a thrill and then some. Set in the Columbia River Gorge, in the midst of an intense cold spell, Deep Freeze introduces a serial killer whose motivation derives from winter.

The protagonist, beautiful and famous movie star, single mother Jenna Hughes, moves to the Gorge to escape from her fame and give her children a normal life. Someone, possibly an obsessed fan, follows her and begins killing. Her fear begins with hand-delivered notes -- notes pretending to be fan letters. Uneasy, she reports them to the local authorities after being urged to do so by a friend.

Sheriff Shane Carter's investigation begins to heat up when one dead woman is found in the woods. Then, two more women go missing. All three women bear a strong resemblance to Jenna.

Mixed in and around the murders and growing romance, problems with Jenna's children, with the local residents and an approaching storm add to the tension. The excellent characterization (the setting and the weather become major players) makes this romantic suspense a book to remember.

A very slight warning here: the storm and cold, described incredibly well, might make reading it an excellent choice to read on a hot summer day. But I highly recommend Deep Freeze, no matter what the season.

Patricia Lucas White

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