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Romance Writers Seek to Tip the Scales Again

Nurse Mithers (and part time romantica author) Checks her word choices with her latest patient - should it be "rampant" or "turgid"...?

Bad things happen to good people -- in real life as much as in fiction -- far more often than seems fair. When it does, in real life as much as in the fiction of perceptive writers like Eloisa James, this month's featured author, it's usually one's girlfriends who step forward to set the balance right. And when it comes to girlfriends, the women of the romance community can't be beat.

In March, Crescent Blues reported on the results of the Trish Jensen Fund. Now other romance writers have stepped forward to help colleagues in need.

Critically ill Harlequin Temptation/Blaze and Kensington Brava author Jamie Denton found herself facing cancer without health insurance. So her friends stepped in to help her find the kind of happily ever after she creates for others. Jamie's Fund features author critiques, book auctions, a raffle, web designs and more.

In fragile health and with limited financial resources, Deb Stover must now prepare for the death of her beloved husband. The Wyrd Sisters, Stover's Colorado-based critique group, seek to raise money to help defray funeral expenses for Stover's husband, and help Stover and her family return to Colorado. Donations can be sent through PayPal to DebHelp@noveltalk.com. Checks may be made out to Pam McCutcheon and sent to:

Help Deb Stover
c/o NovelTalk
5975 North Academy Boulevard,
Suite 105
Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Incidentally, the Wyrd Sisters also number Karen Fox among their members. McCutcheon and Fox played a major role in the Trish Jensen Fund. All of us at Crescent Blues hope the lightning of good will strikes again -- for Denton and Stover both.

Jean Marie Ward

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