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Linda Joy Singleton: Shamrocked


Crescent Blues Book ViewsLlewellyn Publications (Trade Paperback), ISBN 0-7387-0594-2

Book: joy singleton, shamrocked
When Cassie Strange's father receives a call about an undermining leprechaun who pulls pranks on a local resort, the family sets off to Mount Shasta, California, on another fact-finding adventure for his cable TV show, I Don't Believe It!

Soon after their arrival, amateur sleuth Cassie and her overly-dramatic brother Lucas make friends with a little boy named Hank. But strangely, Hank comes and goes at the oddest of moments, and his name doesn't appear on the guest roster! Leprechaun magic and mischief run rampant as catfish fill the swimming pool, a game ball becomes mobile and a cloud of floating water balloons appear. Could Hank be behind the pranks?

When the elusive Hank challenges Cassie to use her map skills in a treasure hunt to locate a golden shamrock, Cassie accepts. She follows the cryptic trail and finds herself in a magical place. Can her friend Hank be the leprechaun subject of her father's investigation? As always, Cassie gets to the bottom of the mystery and uncovers the true meaning of friendship, sooner than you can say "Shamrocked!"

This second book in Singleton's Strange Encounters series provides mystery and a fast and fun way for middle grade readers to enter the magical world of leprechauns. As always, Singleton creates a fantastic place for readers to visit, even if they wouldn't want to live there. After the reader closes the last page on another satisfying journey, the question remains, "Where will the Strange family set off for next? What strange beings will they encounter?" I can't wait to find out!

Lynne Marie Pisano

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