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Sherrie Rose: A Girl, A Guy & A Ghost


Crescent Blues Book ViewsDorchester Publishing/Smooch Teen Fiction (Paperback), ISBN 0-8439-5276-8

Book: sherrie rose a girl, a guy and a ghost

Reality suspends in this seemingly true-to-life novel about a girl named Traci Nettleton, her love interest Brad Davidson and the jealous ghost of her childhood friend, Winston (Corky) Evans who died in a swimming accident two years before.

Traci gets an uneasy, spooky feeling when she receives an e-mail to "Bobcat" (Corky's nickname for her) from "The Undertaker," the nickname for Corky's favorite wrestler. She believes it's just a hoax until an e-mail reveals secrets only Corky would know and asks that she visit him at the home his mother still lives in. Even though she doesn't believe in ghosts, Traci can't turn her back on Corky.

Corky's reappearance in ghost form stems from a problem in his former world. His mother has taken back Corky's father, the man that left them many years ago. Of course, Traci can't turn her back on the paranormal Corky and agrees to help. However, while Traci aged and became more mature, Corky did not. He remains a thirteen-year old boy, irreverent and mischievous. These problems worsen when Corky meets Christine, Traci's new best friend; and Brad, the good-looking quarterback who wants to date Traci.

In A Girl, A Guy and A Ghost, Sherrie Rose creates a compelling premise and subplots that grab the reader from the start. Pages will turn quickly in this "really good" book as the reader races to find out what happens next in the world of this unlikely trio. Once again, Smooch Teen Fiction aptly puts out a novel that teens will savor!

Lynne Marie Pisano

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