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Dotti Enderle: Hand of Fate


Crescent Blues Book Views Llewellyn (Paperback), ISBN 0-7387-0390-7

Book: dotti enderle, hand of fate
The most exciting meeting yet of the Fortune Tellers' Club (best friends and fellow divination dabblers Juniper Lynch, Anne Donovan and Gena Richmond) convenes in Book Five of the Fortune Teller's Club series, The Hand of Fate. In this exciting installment, Club member Anne sets off with Beth for a weekend of Cheer Camp, leaving Gena and Juniper behind. But before Anne leaves town, a funeral procession causes a delay. Then, an accident prevents Anne's trip and ruins her plans to accept an award as Cheerleader of the Year.

Unable to reconcile with her unfortunate event, a limping Anne questions fate and its role in her life. Why did the funeral possession cross her path at that exact moment and cause an accident to keep her home from Cheer Camp? Anne believes chance had nothing to do with it and destiny does. She calls upon the other members of the Fortune Teller's Club, astrology and the Hand of Fate to help her find the answers. All clues lead to a mysterious woman who died of cancer. Could this woman have died to save Anne from something?

Book Five of the series deals with real-life issues that teens will identify with -- jealousy, friendship, and disappointment. Dotti Enderle combines a compelling plot with fortune-telling, mystery, the skeletons in one family's closet and a shocking supernatural twist. Not only will readers enjoy a good, fast-paced read with a satisfying resolution, but they'll learn how to make their own Hand of Fate, should they have their own questions.

Lynne Marie Pisano

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