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Dorian Cirrone: Dancing in Red Shoes Will Kill You


Crescent Blues Book ViewsHarper Collins (Hardcover), ISBN 0-06-055701-X

Book: dorian cirrone, dancing in red shoes will kill you.
An enchanting, yet punny cover picture of a faceless girl holding pumpkins breast high while ballet dancing on eggs in red shoes will entice a reader to pick this one up. A compelling story and an intriguing cast of characters won't allow them to put it down.

Kayla Callaway, a talented junior at Florida High School for the Arts (FARTS) wants the solo in the ballet version of Cinderella. She dances as well as the stiff competition (her nemeses Melissa, Devin and company), but she's afraid her large breasts will get in the way of her performance. When the director posts the casting list, Kayla finds her name listed as one of the evil stepsisters!

Unfortunately, even Kayla's ballet teacher agrees that her bra size presents a big problem and suggests she undergo breast reduction surgery. Kayla turns to friends (her artistic sister Paterson, gay best friend Joey and love interest Gray Foster) and parents for support making in her decision. But matters become worse when someone at school leaves red ballet shoes with a note saying "Dancing in Red Shoes Will Kill You." Kayla discovers that her costume includes red ballet slippers! Could Melissa and Devin be behind the threat?

Dorian Cirrone realistically portrays the competitive nature of teens in love and war, as well as their battle to find and maintain their own identities. Her characters jump from the page, and you will want to follow them onto other high school crises, even if the resolution to the red shoes plot was slightly disappointing and the ending a tad predictable (but yet, still satisfying). An excellent debut novel from an author with lots of promise!

Lynne Marie Pisano

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