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Spring Cleaning

Lydia is looking for the lost links...

Spring cleaning isn't just for houses. Zines can benefit too. With that in mind, we opened the windows and took a fresh look at our table of contents -- and decided to move our Book and Art Awards and Bestsellers Lists to our Links page.

We also decided to add a category for blogs. These days, blogs provide some of the best, most current information around -- especially in the wonderfully weird world of publishing. My personal favorites include:

alg (Anna Louise Genoese, Tor editor and fan fiction aficionado)
Neil Gaiman
Patrick Nielsen Hayden (writer and Tor editor)
Teresa Nielsen Hayden (writer and Tor editor)
suricattus (Laura Anne Gilman, writer, freelance editor and tired person)

OK, so Tor weighs heavy on my list -- bite me. Assistant Editor Teri Smith will add her licks -- er, links. So will Stephen Smith and all the usual suspects. We hope you will too. Send your suggestions to crescentblues@hotmail.com. We can only post links to blogs we know about.

Happy spring!

Jean Marie Ward

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