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Diane Roberts: Made You Look


Crescent Blues Book ViewsRandom House/Delacorte Press (Hardcover), ISBN 0-385-72979-0

Book: diane roberts, made you look.
Jason Percy wants nothing more than to fly to Los Angeles, California, to appear on his favorite trivia game show, Masquerade Mania. There, contestants dress in goofy costumes and carry assorted paraphernalia in hopes they will be noticed by pie-throwing Host Desmond O. Jason feels certain he can win -- if only he can get the chance to compete.

When his well-meaning father agrees to take the family on a vacation to Los Angeles, Jason sees his dream coming true. Now he must brush up on his trivia and make sure that his arch enemy, Amberson Anderson (the copy cat) doesn't get wind of the plan. With the help of his best friend and now manager, Freddy, Jason creates a dinosaur costume that's sure to grab Desmond O's attention, plans his trip and tastes the victory.

Then Jason finds out he won't be flying to L.A., but traveling from campground to campground in a pop-up Camp'otel. In spite of imminent embarrassment, Jason jumps into the family truck. So begins his cross-country adventures with Freddy (along with his annoying older sister Jen and diapered sister Millicent) by his side and Amberson trailing close behind.

This fun and energetic first book from former game show contestant Diane Roberts presents plenty of roadside hazards and loads of laughs. Its easy-to-read style and fast-paced action merit it a plus for reluctant readers. If you are a middle-grade boy or the parent of a middle-grader, this is another good title to put on your reading list.

Lynne Marie Pisano

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