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Crescent Blues Book ViewsSmooch Teen Fiction (Paperback), ISBN 0-8439-5378-0

In an unusual publishing maneuver, Katie Maxwell (Marthe Arends) and Naomi Nash (Vance Briceland) teamed together to write two opposing sides of the same story: Eyeliner of the Gods and Chloe, Queen of Denial.

Book: katie maxwell, eyeliner of the gods
Katie Maxwell sets the stage with Eyeliner of the Gods. In this book, 16-year-old January James wants to pursue a career in journalism, not archeology. Still, when offered the chance to go on a Dig Egypt expedition, she jumps at it. This trip will get her away from her artistic family (she's the only one who lacks talent) and afford her practice in being a journalist on-assignment.

Trouble follows Jan like a faithful puppy, but that doesn't prevent her from heading for the Sahara desert. She doesn't count on missing the plane, getting lost in Cairo, meeting a hottie named Seth or on purchasing a cursed bracelet -- all of which lead Jan on a path toward trouble.

For Jan, trouble comes in many forms: A secret twin, a stolen kiss, a chaperone named Dagmar, threats to be sent home and an annoyingly pushy girl named Chloe Bryce. While smart-alecky, but spunky Jan goes from one near-disaster to another (including falling in love), the reader can enjoy going along for the bumpy ride.

Teen fiction's newest queen, Katie Maxwell, once again offers a fun-filled adventure to her readers. Eyeliner of the Gods will provide something to chew on for readers waiting for the next Emily installment (The Year My Life Went Down the Loo, They Wear What Under Their Kilts, What's French for "Ew"? and The Taming of the Dru). Notably not her very best, but worthwhile, none-the-less.

Lynne Marie Pisano

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