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Crescent Blues Book ViewsSmooch Teen Fiction (Paperback), ISBN 0-8439-5310-1

Self-proclaimed witch Vickie Marotti exists on the bottom-most fringe of the high school social hierarchy, scorned and misunderstood by jocks, prom queens, teachers -- even the high school principal. She calls four outcasts her friends, and she couldn't care less about the rest of her fellow students. To make the best of the bad situation called her life, she uses street magic and scares others into leaving her alone.

Book: naomi nash, you are so cursed

Vickie's curses get out of hand when she unknowingly directs one at her best friend Addy's prospective boyfriend. As a result of this dramatic event, Addy becomes distant and an older student named Gio Carson becomes interested. But what could a smart, cute and popular upper classman want from a Goth witch?

Determined to find out, Vickie gets to know Gio better. It seems they have little in common except for a shared passion -- magic. Can they have a passion for each other, as well? Facing a challenge that many teenagers must face, Vickie must decide between letting down her protective wall and risking heartbreak, or shutting out the sweetest person she's ever met.

In You Are So Cursed, Naomi Nash creates a believable high school world in which not everything is as it appears. Sometimes sad, sometimes funny and sometimes hopeful, this book proves a worthwhile read. The theme of illusion vs. reality runs strong throughout this novel about magic, friendship and being true to one's self. This important theme leads to some valuable lessons, which both the characters and the reader will benefit from learning.

Lynne Marie Pisano

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