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Crescent Blues Book ViewsSimon/Pulse (Paperback), ISBN 0-689-86771-9

Sami Granger travels from Minnesota to New York with only a suitcase and a dream to become a fashion designer. Just off the bus, this 18-year-old learns her first lesson -- New York IS a jungle. In light of her father's fierce protestations about her leaving, Sami must prove him wrong.

Book:nancy krulik, ripped at the seams

Sami books a room at an inexpensive roach motel and hits the pavement. Armed with her design portfolio, she visits every designer in New York City. Every corner she turns, she finds a dead end. So when a receptionist position at Ted Fromme Fashions becomes available, Sami takes it and enters the dog-eat-dog world of fashion design on the bottom rung.

To Sami's surprise, things happen quicker in New York than in Elks Lake. A murder occurs at the roach motel, forcing her to find a new roommate. She hooks up with an up-and-coming model named Rain. Rain, along with their neighbor Vin, show her the ropes of the city. They also provide a shoulder to cry on when a designer from Ted Fromme dates Sami then steals her design ideas.

Readers will enjoy climbing the stairs of success with Sami as revenge and desire fuel her ascent. While the plot, at times, seems either predictable or unlikely, Sami's charming story grips the reader with its insight into the fashion industry, strong friendships and a satisfying romance. If you liked Krulik's She's Got the Beat, which delves into the music industry, you'll like Ripped at the Seams even better!

Lynne Marie Pisano

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