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Crescent Blues Book ViewsFilbert Publishing (Trade Paperback), ISBN 1-932794-06-9

Looking for a fitness program for writers? Look no further. Shaunna Privratsky's new book for writers, Pump Up Your Prose (For Publication, Prestige and Profits), gives you a one-size-fits-all workout that will leave your muse in fighting shape!

Book: Shaunna Privratsky, Pump Up Your Prose (For Publication, Prestige and Profits

This new book offers a variety of "workouts" that exercises every writing muscle. You'll start this book getting to know the author then progress to freewriting, journaling advice and writing prompt tips to warm up your muse. From there, the book offers "been there, done that" advice on the mechanics of writing, understanding rights, how to build (and recycle) your clips, tightening your prose, managing submissions and coping with rejection. With chapter headings such as "Trimming the Fat" and "Aerobics for Your Prose," this book offers readers a fitness program geared specifically to every writer's level.

A writer in business since 2000, Privratsky earned her stripes as a "fitness trainer" for writers. With over 120 articles appearing in print on- and offline, and awards for her prose, Privratsky gives a no-holds-barred, friendly and often painfully personal look at the writing life in no other way any other book on writing provides.

Privratsky writes in Chapter 18 ("Maximize Results"), "Never stop learning. No matter how successful you become, there is always someone with something to teach you." This book exemplifies this statement.

The downside of this book is that I found several words with an asterisk in place of letters and sections identified as "articles." While I recognize Privratsky recycled some previously published articles as chapters, I came away feeling like I read something online and not in a book.

Still, it's an enjoyable read and a book I found difficult to put down. Pump Up Your Prose definitely earns a place on my shelf as a book every writer should use.

Dawn Colclasure

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