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Susan Sizemore: I Burn For You


Crescent Blues Book Views Pocket Star (Paperback), ISBN 0-7434-6742-6

Book: susan sizemore, I burn for you
Domini Lancer knows when to pay attention to her dreams. For many years, her psychic dreams gave her clues to what would soon happen. Now her dreams contain a compelling component -- she must be at a certain place at a certain time, and when she shows up there, she spots a man who fascinates her.

The same man soon turns up at her grandfather's security business as the new bodyguard assigned to the detail she supervises, the protection of her rock star best friend Holly. But Alexander Reynard's secrets go much deeper than the typical military Delta Force secrets. Like his vampire heritage, for starters.

From the moment he first dreams of her, Alex knows Domini's future includes being his bondmate, even though she's not a vampire. The attraction between the pair burns quick and hot.

Alex soon realizes the Holly's stalker isn't interested in the rock star; he or she wants to kill Domini. He does his best to protect her while at the same time denying his lust (a denial which doesn't last long). But the pharmaceuticals he takes to allow him to live in the world of daylight don't work right. As he begins reverting to a feral nature, Domini offers her blood to him and nearly dies in the exchange. She soon finds herself swept off to the Reynard clan compound and thrust into vampire civilization, only to realize her beloved grandfather faces a great danger.

Susan Sizemore creates a heck of a thrill ride in I Burn For You. The security backgrounds of Domini and Alex and their protection of Holly adds lots of action to the plot. The vampire society of Clans and Tribes and Families, as well as the mortal Hunters and Purists, serves to give some structure to what otherwise would be just another bloodsucker tale (though the Purists plot thread certainly comes as no surprise). But Sizemore gives her characters lots of personality and manages to keep a few twists under wraps.

Jen Foote

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