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Marlene Perez: Unexpected Developments


Crescent Blues Book Views Roaring Brook Press (Hardcover), ISBN 1-59643-006-0

Book: marlene perez, unexpected developments
Since the fifth grade, two things have stood between Megan and true love -- her double D-sized breasts. It seems that boys (and men) just can't get past them and see the real Megan inside of her.

Megan's breasts not only occupy the minds of the boys she dates, but they fill her own thoughts, as well. So when her teacher, Mrs. Westland, assigns an essay about "What I Did Last Summer," Megan relates her struggle with finding the right boyfriend, dealing with self-image issues and coming to a decision about breast-reduction surgery. The essay also touches on a few other things -- a best friend who surpasses her by having sex first, a mother who puts her down and a co-worker sinking deeper and deeper into a bad problem. In the meantime, Megan wears huge shirts in an attempt to conceal her most obvious features and tries to fend off the gropers.

A summer job at the local pancake palace, however, puts Megan in close proximity to long-time crush Jake Darrow, a friend of her twin brothers. When Jake breaks up with his ex-flame Savannah, Jake turns his attention to Megan. But given her history of attracting males who want only one thing from her (a point her mother constantly harps on), Megan must realize her own unique qualities and decide whether or not to trust Jake.

Marlene Perez creates a believable situation which many girls face as they travel from adolescence into adulthood. Many teens will identify with Megan's problem, and those who don't may gain valuable insight. Perez treats the problem with humor and realism. A wonderful first novel from a budding author!

Lynne Marie Pisano

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