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Crescent Blues Book ViewsLuna (Hardcover), ISBN 0-373-80202-1

The Fairy Godmother, the first book of the new Luna fantasy imprint, certainly lives up to Luna's promise to deliver female-centric fantasy with strong women protagonists. When Mercedes Lackey authors a book, how could anyone expect otherwise? She did, however, surprise me in another aspect of the writing -- but more of that a bit later.

Book: mercedes lackey, the fairy godmother
Tradition rules in Fairy and, inappropriate prince or not, Elena Klovis needs to follow her destiny, to be the Cinderella in that particular land in the Five Hundred Kingdoms. Elena rebels. But firmly entrenched, Tradition refuses change. So what's a strong-minded, over-worked girl to do except strike out on her own, walk out on her stepmother and stepsisters, and look for a job?

Elena resolves the conflict between Tradition and her personal circumstances by becoming her kingdom's Fairy Godmother. And there seem to be quite a number of those around -- but not nearly enough.

And what a Godmother Elena proves to be.

One of my favorite fantasy authors -- especially for her Heralds of Valdemar series -- Lackey displays, not only her usual facile and engaging imagination, but also a flair for comedic writing. The Fairy Godmother delivers smiles, chuckles and even a giggle or two. For example, dealing with one arrogant, stubborn and recalcitrant prince, Godmother Elena, in what seems the most ordinary and logical use of magic, turns him into a donkey. But fully aware of his donkey lifestyle inexperience, she brings him home to her cottage and puts him to work. It makes for some very interesting scenes.

As you can, no doubt, tell, I enjoyed the book thoroughly -- and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to any and all readers -- fantasy lovers or not.

I should add, I'm looking forward to reading more books from Luna -- good fantasy makes my literary life a pleasure.

Patricia Lucas White

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