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Even the title of this off-the-wall romance, My Long Tall Texas Heartthrob, tickles my funny bone. I tend to forget just how amusing -- and sizzling -- Dawson's books can be. This one ranks high on the fun list, making it a great summer read -- whether or not the thought of a sister pregnant with twins and deserted by a boyfriend named "Snake" piques your interest.

Book: geralyn dawson: Heartthorb
Add to that an older sister rushing to the rescue, a tumbled down double-wide mobile home, a millionaire rancher/lawyer/philanthropist, bikers with knives, a Texas town full of nosy neighbors and some really sexy situations. Tess Anderson, a talent manager in L.A., travels home -- as she always does -- to extricate her sister, a bit of a featherhead, from another situation. Tess meets Nicholas Sutherland, sparks fly, ignite into flaming lust, but she must think of family first -- most of the time anyway. The situation deteriorates when the sister delivers twins and runs off looking for Snake, leaving the babies with Tess.

The plots wiggle and squirm, the characters crawl over the top -- meaning the characters just might be your next door neighbors. The book amuses and intrigues from beginning to end. Throughout the book, I couldn't stop wondering how Dawson would get the characters out of this fix? Does she do it? (You know I'm not going to answer that.)

I loved this book, but then I've loved all of Dawson's books. I suggest you add a little joy to your life, grab My Long Tall Texas Heartthrob and prepare to enjoy (not to mention laugh out loud a lot).

Then, if you laughed as much as I did, maybe you ought to check into Dawson's back list. It will be time well spent, I promise.

Patricia Lucas White

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