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Crescent Blues Book ViewsAtlantic Bridge Publishing (Trade Paperback), ISBN: 1-931761-78-7

Mary E. Trimble's writing skills make this, the sequel to Rosemount, a true stand alone young adult novel -- a novel guaranteed to intrigue and inform even those far beyond their teenage years. Protagonist Leslie Cahill, at 17, finds new and dangerous pitfalls on the strange and wondrous way to womanhood. Along with trying to accept a new woman in her widowed father's life, Leslie falls for an "older" man -- and not one with her best interests at heart. And certainly not one who meets with her father's approval. No indeed.

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As strongly and beautifully written as the setting -- the High Desert of the Pacific Northwest -- McClellan's Bluff presents the problems facing a young woman. It shows through a great plot, three-dimensional characters and real emotions, how the teenage heroine struggles to find solutions to the problems complicating her life -- some but not all of her own making.

Should it be that hard growing up, reasonably comfortable and totally loved, on a cattle ranch? Or are maturation problems, in their various guises, universal despite the location or the circumstance? I don't have any answers. But I should be remiss if I didn't say Trimble draws some excellent signposts without being preachy and pens a great tale while doing so.

Would I recommend McClellan's Bluff to all and sundry? Perhaps not, but I would recommend it to girls of all ages. At present, my granddaughter, who will soon be twelve, keeps eyeing the book and saying, "Hurry up, Gramma, and write the review." I know she will like it better than she did the first Harry Potter book -- she says she likes books about "real" people. Leslie Cahill fits that description exceedingly well.

Patricia Lucas White

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