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Crescent Blues Book ViewsSeal Press, ISBN 1-58005-099-9

Not too keen at the idea of sitting down with a volume of short stories? Think of Inappropriate Random as a series of episodes from Sex and the City. If you enjoyed the latter you'll surely love the former. Editor Amy Prior gathers into this collection stories from 16 British and US women about love, dating and relationships -- perhaps the most exciting but never the easiest part of our life's path to chart. These writers show, with wit and humor, the unique challenges that beset the single woman of today.

Book: amy prior, inapproriate random, stories of love and sex
Read how a very few of the women find a good man to love, and don't expect to find a fairytale ending when one of them does! Maybe love, maybe bliss ever after -- one or the other, but never both and rarely either without a serious string or two attached. A couple of the stories explore the perennial issue of rejection -- new, wicked ways for a woman scorned to wreak her vengeance; subtle ways (if she is the rejecter) to slide out of one man's life and into another's.

Some of the women choose to give up on men altogether, and the replacements range from the admirably inventive to the downright freaky. Generally the authors seem to agree that we can't expect to have it all. The women in their stories each find themselves compelled to choose between good sex, true love, financial security and self-respect.

I relish the way that a themed collection of stories from a number of different writers brings such a wide variety of interpretations to a single topic. The tales in Inappropriate Random explore the intersections of sex and love and tease their ideas out into a dozen diverse, fanciful directions. The storytellers narrate their pieces in a light-hearted tone that easily belies the thoughtful social comments that underlie them. I escaped the dating scene many years ago, and I'm not sure that I could muster the energy to contend with the situations that these young women find themselves in. But perhaps the anthology reminds us that for women, the good life these days requires that they BITCH (Be In Total Control, Honey).

Moira Richards

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