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Crescent Blues Book ViewsBerkley Prime Crime (Hardcover), ISBN 0425194124

Holly Winter's original wedding plans consisted of a simple ceremony attended by a few good pals, both human and canine. When her human friends convince her to look upon the ceremony as something akin to the Westminster of weddings, she agrees to shop for the dress, invite Buck (her difficult father) and make the most of it. Dog trainer, columnist, and author of the book 101 Ways to Cook Liver, Holly never dreamed a series of murders would upstage her upcoming marriage. However, as the female victims, bludgeoned and injected with drugs known to be used by veterinarians, become increasingly associated with Holly and her circle of acquaintances, wedding planning takes a backseat to murder investigation.

Book: susan conant, bride and groom
Susan Conant assembles her usual fascinating cast of characters to advance the plot of this latest book in her Dog Lover's Mystery series faster than an Alaskan malamute can gobble down a liver treat. Buck's new wife, Gabrielle, assists with wedding planning while quietly undermining Buck's planned "romantic" vacation at Mushing Boot Camp. Holly's friend and confidante, Rita, discovers something's afoot with her new boyfriend but manages to maneuver her friend through bridal shops to find Holly's perfect wedding dress. And in the midst of wedding plans and book signings, women in Boston continue to fall victim to a cunning murderer.

The author unravels the mystery in a complicated exchange of emails, murder victims' dossiers and clever placement of red herrings. As a recipient of the Maxwell Award for Fiction from the Dog Writers' Association of America, Susan Conant knows her canine facts as well as she knows how to craft a page-turner. Fans of the author will relish this newest mystery, but those of us new to Susan Conant's fiction need not worry. Bride and Groom stands on its own as a suspenseful and entertaining mystery -- a perfect tale for dog-lovers or, perhaps even better, escape fiction for couples wending their way through wedding planning.

Augusta Scattergood

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