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Crescent Blues Book ViewsBerkley (Paperback), ISBN 0-425-19208-3

Athena Munroe does her best to put herself into Denver society. Confined to a wheelchair after a crippling accident, she seeks to help those less fortunate -- orphans, the homeless, unwed mothers and more. Her brother, Niall, who controls her inheritance, indulges her and permits her donations and her work -- to an extent. Athena finds herself quite content with her circle of society friends and charitable work.

Book: susan krinard, to catch a wolf
Morgan Holt, after being released from prison for killing his father, turns his back on human society. A werewolf, he takes wolf form and joins a pack, spending five years in the wild. But after being seriously wounded, he finds himself in the care of a traveling circus group which sees him as the answer to their prayers. Struggling for money, they ask him to perform with the group as a half man, half wolf act in the freak show. Reluctant but compelled by guilt, he does so.

While on a business trip, Niall tries to assist the circus after their main tent catches fire. Despite his superior attitude toward the lower-class performers, he invites them to Denver to perform for some of the charities Athena supports. When she hears the news, a delighted Athena goes to rehearsal to meet the performers. A runaway horse brings Athena into contact with Morgan, and she learns his true form. But unlike many, she doesn't fear him -- her mother passed on werewolf blood to her as well.

Their werewolf natures draw Athena and Morgan together, but Niall worries for his sister's safety and reputation. Small arguments escalate into huge fights, and Athena soon suspects that Niall hides secrets of his own. Meanwhile, supposed friends scheme to wreck everyone's happiness.

Susan Krinard assembles a big cast of characters for this tale. The circus folks provide a nice contrast to the stuffy society world Athena starts out in. And giving her heroine a major disability provides an interesting twist on most romances. Krinard also weaves two romances into the tale, and the secrets revealed make for a nice twist.

Jen Foote

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