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Crescent Blues Book ViewsKensington (Paperback), ISBN 0-7582-0431-0

Noah Harper grew up mostly alone, on the streets. No family claimed him until his paternal grandmother tracked him down after his father's death. Agatha Harper harbors a strong sense of pride, honor and family name. She molds Noah into a successful businessman, charging him with running her restaurant.

Book: lori foster, too much temptation
All her life, Agatha controlled things as much as possible. Now she wants Noah to marry Kara, a lovely young woman of suitable family connections. But after Noah walks in on Kara in bed with a lover, Noah calls off the wedding, relieved because his feelings for Kara didn't run deep enough. Nevertheless, he promises he won't reveal the true reason for the break-up to spare Kara's reputation.

Grace Jenkins functions as Agatha's secretary and right-hand woman -- and harbors a secret affection for Noah. Overweight and still a virgin at 25, Grace knows little about men and their passions. But when Agatha refuses to accept Noah's explanation for calling off his engagement, Grace leaps to Noah's defense.

Noah, touched by the gesture, finds himself a little too touched -- he desperately wants to work off his aggressions in bed with Grace. Grace consents and enjoys every moment of Noah's passionate teachings. But Agatha still plans for Noah and Kara to wed. Meanwhile, Noah finds himself drawn to Grace for more than just sexual fun.

While Lori Foster writes steamy enough sex, that doesn't save this book. A 25-year-old virgin suddenly deciding to become someone's sex slave and do everything he says in the bedroom? Not a chance. Agatha's and Kara's characters come across as too stereotypical. However, Grace's constant obsession about her weight, size and eating habits rings true. The battles between Agatha, Noah and Noah's younger half brother Ben about family belong in an earlier century, not this modern tale. A disappointing read.

Jen Foote

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