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Austin, Texas-based private investigator Dan Brandon responds to a call from Marlin Huffman, owner of H-D Computers. The company's inventory shows a shortage of more than a million dollars worth of computer microprocessors. A shipping invoice signed by the owner's son serves to prove the receipt of the missing articles. Now the son turns up missing. His father believes the computer chip thieves took both the computer chips and his son.

Book: frank zachery, double attraction
Springing into action, Brandon quickly verifies the authenticity of Tommy Huffman's signature and discovers that the thieves diverted the chip delivery to a secondary warehouse through the simple expedient of placing a detour sign on the road to the back dock of the H-D Computers warehouse. A chance encounter while poking around the scene of the diversionary tactic provides clues for further investigation. Brandon's search takes him on frequent jaunts through the Texas hill country where he uncovers a scheme for laundering drug money, a kidnapping, three murders and a family's dark secret.

While Zachery pieces together a rather straight forward investigative story line, the novel's astonishingly behind the high tech curve content seriously threatens its credibility and distracts from its readability. The missing 486 computer microprocessors around which the plot revolves, for example, belong to a long past era of technology. Nevertheless, the reader discovers an earnest dissertation on this chip's superiority over the even further outdated 386 chip. Zachery often refers to these as computer brain chips.

We also find the protagonist alluding to the advantage of the new cellular telephones which can -- if you can believe the narrative -- actually fit into one's shirt pocket. Brannon, however, relies on the larger mobile telephone unit to conduct his business. It appears this manuscript languished a while before publication. The quick editing session needed to update the technical content, provide the needed contemporary feel and eliminate an irritating distraction apparently fell by the wayside.

Add to the technology deficit a host of characters who appear simply as names on the page without requisite personalities to which one may relate and the interest level of the book hovers close to the bottom of the scale.

At one point in the investigation, Dan Brandon interviews a principle player about a possible lead in the case.

"It was a very sophisticated operation. Aren't you curious to know the particulars?"

"Well, actually not." He frowned in disapproval. "I don't want to know any more."

Unfortunately neither did I.

Clint Hunter


I hope this is the proper place for me to say how I feel about that review, because I always want to respond in a proper manner about anything I do.

It was a surprise for me to see the review was awarded two crescents, because it was such a demeaning thing. I have received several good reviews and read a lot of others and have never seen anything like this one. If you have read it please check your Book Views section and read it again so you will know what I am talking about. It was not just a bad review.

As you have surmised, I am Frank Zachery the author of the Editor's Choice mystery novel Double Attraction. The copy of the book that I sent Crescent Blues had microprocessors on the front cover as it appears in the iUniverse bookstore. The cover which was used in the book review was not the iUniverse book at all.

If you look into this and find some merit in what I say, I would greatly appreciate your reply. Thank you. Sincerely,

Frank Zachery

Editor's Reply

Crescent Blues is an Amazon affiliate. Therefore, the gif we use to accompany a given review is the one our Webmaster finds on Amazon. At the time the review was posted, the only available gif was the Xlibris gif used with the review. Amazon now offers a second gif, connected with the iUniverse version of the book.

Although we do not link to iUniverse, we will be happy to change the gif to Amazon's iUniverse offering at our next update. I have advised our webmaster about the issue so that he can effect the change.

The honest opinion of Clint Hunter, the reviewer of Double Attraction, stands as written. You are always free to disagree, however.

Jean Marie Ward


I would like to thank you for publishing the feedback page for Double Attraction, the mystery suspense novel by Frank Zachery. The review and feedback gave me the input I seemed to need to move toward improvement.

In September I will make a statement on my web site, regarding the revision of the book. I will have available, for new reviewers, a corrected version of the book. Although the book did receive five good reviews regarding the story line and general content, it did need the editing improvement.

I have received the recent updates for Crescent Blues and assume that I am still a member. I still read the magazine and just wanted to touch down with you whether or not you decided to print this.Thank you.

Frank Zachery


Thank you Jean Marie,

You made me feel a lot better by responding to my e-mail and I certainly appreciate it. Yes, I would like it if you could use the GIF for iUniverse from Amazon. I do understand that being a new writer and having the iUniverse label is two strikes against me. I can't really blame writers who go through the traditional publishers, from having some bias against the POD authors. There are a lot of mystery club organizations that refuse to even give us a review.

I am grateful to reviewer who reviewed "Double Attraction" for doing the review at all. Some of the web sites for mystery authors allow authors to have two reviews by two different reviewers. If that is the case with Crescent Blues I would like to have the second review done. If you do not still have the book I sent please let me know. If you will give me the address of where to send a second book I will be glad to send it. Thank you.


Frank Zachery

Editor's Reply

Thank you for the opportunity to clarify this point, which seems to arise with some frequency with first-time authors working outside the traditional publishing framework. Crescent Blues does not second guess our reviewers. We do not commission rebuttal reviews at the request of disgruntled authors. If you don't agree with the reviewer, you are free to use the feedback mechanism, which you have.

Jean Marie Ward

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