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Crescent Blues Book ViewsChicory Blue Press (Trade Paperback), ISBN 1-887344-06-3

How refreshing, how invigorating, to read a book that leaves one feeling young, newly hatched and ready to step onto the threshold of an unbounded new life. The Crimson Edge made me, a fifty-year-old wannabe writer, feel just such a sense of possibility.

Book: sondra zeiednestain, the crimson edge
Seven energetic women ranging in age from sixty-something to eighty-something contribute to the anthology, snippets, short stories and poetry from their work. Each woman adds too, a short afterword in which she talks about what writing means to her. Some of these women's writing careers stretch through all the many decades of their lives, others picked up their pens only when they reached their later years. One woman explains how writing helped her to grow a confidence in herself as an accomplished person, another wrote poetry to help her journey through the traumatic experience of surviving rape.

The contributors to The Crimson Edge -- Older Women Writing (Volume Two) not only give readers a chance to hear older women speak (an opportunity perhaps rarer than one might wish) but they also show us the richness of life experience that older women accumulate and wish to share. The women also represent a rich tapestry of American women's experience. They write from Jewish-, Irish-, Chinese-, African- and Native-American backgrounds, yet in addition to their wide differences, one also detects interesting similarities in their conversation.

They show that one need never be old, no matter how many years we notch onto our belts. They demonstrate how passion keeps one young for a very, very long time. They remind us that life in the later years of our life need not loom on the horizon as a period to approach with dread, but rather that it waits as a time of life to look forward to -- one in which you can live in the rich comfort of your store of wisdoms. As Sondra Zeidenstein, owner of Chicory Blue Press, writes in the introduction to this collection: "I publish older women because ... they show us what age really looks like."

Moira Richards

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