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Crescent Blues Book ViewsDorchester Love Spell (Paperback), ISBN 0-505-52517-8

Hot and happening romance author Katie MacAlister springs back into action with her sixth novel and wreaks havoc upon British soil in Improper English. After enjoying the exploits of mystery writer Kathy Williams in MacAlister's Men in Kilts, I was thrilled to encounter the transplant of another literary sort to contemporary England -- this time, wanna-be writer Alexandra (Alix) Freemar.

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With two months to prove herself a success in the romance writing industry, Alix leaves her well-meaning mother behind in America and sublets an apartment in London. In one of this self-centered gal's first British experiences, a seemingly stuffy Scotland Yard Detective named Alexander (Alex) Block accuses her of breaking and entering into the building. To add insult to injury, he then accuses her of having a marijuana plant in her possession. On one level, Alix finds the man totally infuriating, on another, entirely gorgeous, charismatic and kissable.

Between sessions of writing horrid purple prose which portrays her skewed sentiments on love and romance, Alix gets to know the neighbors -- Alex, a matchmaking landlord named Isabella, Karl, and a charming lesbian couple called Bert and Ray. Laughter, warmth, comedy and romantic fire ensue as Alix becomes a part of the intriguing lives of this fabulous cast of characters.

As soon as the Alix begins to fan the flames of her personal love life, however, Alex puts out the fire. A well-meaning Isabella informs her that Alex's interests lie in something much more substantial than Alix's offer of a summer fling. Determined to catch the man whose lips set her heart afire, Alix sets out to prove she can be serious about both love and life.

Alix's high-spirited antics provide comedy, steamy romance and, most important of all, an enlightening and enjoyable read. (Don't we all act selfish and silly, and feel like Alix sometimes?).

Katie MacAlister also writes young adult romantic comedies under Katie Maxwell. Several more of her romantic comedies will also be released in 2004.

Lynne Marie Pisano

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