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Son of Guilt-Trip Round-Up

The patron saint of editors presents his holiday bonus incentive to his grateful writers.
Christmas redeems Scrooge. Here at Crescent Blues we follow a slightly different schedule. We redeem ourselves at New Years, presenting a round-up of all the wonderful books we really, truly meant to review over the past 12 months. As we did last year, throughout the month of January, we will post our writers' run-down of their 2003 favorites.

Fortunately, thanks to the Internet, you can still order these books from your favorite on-line merchant. Besides, you need a reward for the generosity you displayed all December long. And if you buy the books through our Amazon link, Crescent Blues benefits too.

Hey, I'm an editor. No one ever said I could be redeemed.

Best wishes for a healthy, happy, prosperous New Year from everyone at Crescent Blues!

Jean Marie Ward

Moira Richards: Short, Sweet, Sexy

Dawn Goldsmith: Doin' the Time Loop

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