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Crescent Blues Book Views Avon (Paperback), ISBN 0-380-82070-6

Jonquil DeVries finds herself unhappy with her life. Her husband died a year ago, leaving her with a preschool-aged daughter, Erika; a lot of money and a huge Garden District house in New Orleans. Jonni gave up her education and career to be the perfect wife for David, but too many questions linger after his death -- specifically why he died nowhere near where he said he would be.

Book: hailey north, opposites attract
Self-esteem issues cloud Jonni's life as well. When things got bad, she took refuge in food and packed on a few pounds. Just as she begins getting back on track -- exercising more, eating healthier, making plans to return to school -- she agrees to let a movie crew film at her house. Nothing like a real shock to the system to jumpstart a stalled life.

Action star and all-around bad boy Cameron Scott still can't figure out why he agreed to shoot this Mr. Benjamin movie, a children's film featuring a beloved character that morphs from butler into all sorts of people and creatures. And why he agreed to be Mr. Benjamin. This grandfatherly role doesn't resemble his usual type of project in the least. But as filming begins in New Orleans, he finds himself drawn to the lady of the house. Her soft curves and gentle demeanor attract him more than any of the skinny actress-models he previously dated.

After much persuasion, Jonni agrees to a date, though it bothers her that Cameron neglected to mention that he and the gentle old man she talked to a few times in her kitchen were one and the same. They can't deny the physical attraction between them, but Cameron's easy charm toward Erika really grabs Jonni. Cameron finds himself head over heels for Jonni, but his fast-living past and the betrayals of her late husband may be too much for her to overcome.

Hailey North writes a perfect New Orleans tale -- sweet and steamy. The hero and heroine display believable strengths and flaws. The incidental characters move the story along as well as add some spice. Cameron's relationship with his friend and manager, Flynn, provides a lot of the humor, especially regarding Cameron's past antics. A fun and frivolous read.

Jen Foote

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