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Crescent Blues Book Views Fanrove Publishing (Trade Paperback), ISBN 0967059852

The lure of riches. The freedom of self-employment. The self-esteem that comes with success. Author Peter Bowerman offers all this and more.

Book: peter bowerman, the well fed writer, back for seconds
In his first book, The Well-Fed Writer, Bowerman made the case for freelance copywriting as a lifestyle choice. But the book lacked detail. It left some readers thinking "that sounds great, but I could never do it." The companion volume, Back for Seconds, serves up everything the first book left out, including large helpings of reassurance for the less-aggressive or introverted writer.

Chapter One tackles the biggest bugaboo of the aspiring copywriter: the need to market oneself. Bowerman brings up all the reasons why people think they can't do it and pokes holes in them one by one. In Chapter Two we get a mini-lesson on the sales strategies writers need to market their own business and write effective copy for their clients.

The dreaded cold call gets a chapter of its own. Bowerman takes pains to calm the reader's fear of rejection and humiliation, and provides scripts that can be used nearly verbatim. He extols the virtues of cold calling as a means of building business, and sprinkles the chapter with quotes from other writers who agree.

The real-life stories of successful freelancers appear all over the book and add immense value. You don't have to take Bowerman's word for anything. He always introduces someone else to back him up. He also uses anecdotes from other writers to makes points about subjects in which he himself has no expertise.

In Chapter Three we learn about the Internet as a marketing and business building tool. Bowerman recommends creating a web site to showcase your talents and lists plenty of examples. (He even suggests ripping pages 95-102 right out of your old copy of The Well-Fed Writer, since the methods he laid out then have been rendered obsolete by current technology.) As always, the chapter includes a list of resources to help the non-technically inclined writer get a web site put together. Bowerman leaves no room for excuses.

Additional chapters deal with non-traditional sources of copywriting work, building your business while working a day job, coping with a weak economy, and more. Six appendices packed full of resources and auxiliary information complete the volume. If there's something you need to know that you didn't find in Back for Seconds, Bowerman tells you where to get it. If you want to be a copywriter when you grow up, get this book.

Jodi Forschmiedt

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