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Crescent Blues Book ViewsZebra (Paperback), ISBN: 0-8217-7474-3

Callie Hauseman works a less-than-satisfying job as an administrative assistant at the Teller Box Company while trying to sock away money to go back to college, buy a new car and find a better apartment with her roommate, Linelle. When her penny-pinching boss, Seymore "Si" Teller, ungratefully makes her run a personal errand late in the day -- even though Callie still aches from an icy fall the previous night -- then complains about her performance, Callie snaps. Instead of calling him a son of a bitch, she uses the Germanic Wiccan cant of her northern Black Forest ancestors. Sy promptly turns into an adorable golden retriever puppy that looks exactly like her childhood dog, Sparky.

Book: liz ireland, charmed i'm sure

Although many of Callie's ancestors were powerful witches, the family magic now flows a bit diluted through the bloodlines. The last time Callie heard, her closest living relatives, her aunts Agnes and Lollie, were touring somewhere in Europe on their around-the-world trip. So for now, Sparky Two and Callie hang out together until she figures out how to turn him back.

And then Sparky's, er, Sy's, nephew David turns up wondering if his uncle plans to attend David's wedding to Lydia in a few short weeks. Sy's very cute and very rich nephew. Callie falls for David from the first moment, and the attraction turns out to be mutual. But a number of problems loom -- David's engagement, for starters.

David's suspicions about his curmudgeonly uncle's disappearance don't help either. Ultimately, Callie confesses, but David refuses to believe her. Magic and witches just don't fit into his logical accountant's world.

Book: liz ireland, husband material
Callie tries to convince David that Sy did indeed become Sparky, and despite being complete opposites, they fall harder for each other. After a wild day of meeting David's appliance-selling father, researching witchcraft at the public library (and being spotted by Lydia's nosy best friend Muffin), being arrested for breaking into Aunt Agnes' house (while trying to find what hotel they aunts planned to stay in) and being arrested for the breaking and entering, Lydia dumps David.

The chain of events causes Callie to doubt David's attraction to her. She fears it stems from the rebound effect. And just how do they plan to turn the puppy back into Uncle Sy?

Liz Ireland writes a hilarious tale with a good balance of romance and action. Her characters pop off the page, and the attraction between Callie and David comes across as very believable and real, with just a hint of steam.

Jen Foote

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