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Crescent Blues Book ViewsAvon Romance (Paperback), ISBN 0-06-008544-4

When a last minute switch puts award-winning screenwriter Lou Calabrese in a helicopter with sexy but shallow actor Jack Townsend, she can't think of anyone she'd less like for a ride mate. Lou knows Townsend and his antics only too well -- her Copkiller screenplays transformed the former "nobody" into a "somebody." In his spare time, Jack steals the hearts of all of Hollywood's beauties (including Lou's best friend Vicky Lord) with two exceptions: 1) Lou Calabrese herself and 2) Greta Woolston -- an actress who recently dumped Jack to elope with Barry Kimmel, Lou's own ex!

Book: Megin calbot, she went all the way
Just when Lou believes her luck couldn't possibly get any worse, the helicopter crashes in the wilds of Alaska's Mount McKinley. Even Lou's screenwriter savvy for tension and conflict don't prepare her for the next plot twist. First, a blizzard halts all search efforts, and then someone tries to murder them! As Lou, with her laptop and high heels, and Jack, with his large ego, struggle to dodge bullets from all directions, they realize Jack's the target. The knowledge increases Lou's animosity level -- already an all-time explosive high.

Despite their obvious differences (Jack loves himself and Lou doesn't) when faced with the need to survive, Lou and Jack must team up and play nice together. When Lou gets a glimpse of the real Jack beneath the cool exterior, she realizes there may be more to Jack Townsend than meets the eye.

Set "on location" in the Alaskan wilderness, She Went All the Way provides an interesting, sometimes sarcastic, sometimes comedic look at a Hollywood film shoot and it's "beautiful" people. The movie set, with its volatile players, provides an interesting forum for fast-paced action, competition, jealousy, envy, intrigue, fiery romance and love. Cabot, who also authored The Princess Diaries, creates an expert mix of volatile personality traits that results in an explosion in which everyone will see stars -- not just Jack and Lou and their co-stars, but Lou's widowed mother, Jack's widowed father and the reader!

Lynne Remick

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