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Crescent Blues Book ViewsPublisher: Dorling Kindersley (Trade Paperback), ISBN 0789484412

"Oh no, not another quick fix detox guide," was my first thought on the arrival of this title for review. Already fed up with the numerous books on the topic, especially those that tend to appear annually at New Year, the idea of reading yet another missive didn't leave me enthralled.

Book: Jennifer Harper, detox handbook
Thankfully, Detox Handbook doesn't fall into the quick fix category. Jennifer Harper, a qualified naturopathic doctor and herbalist, uses her extensive background knowledge to create a safe, effective and accessible method of detoxing. Unlike other similar books, Detox Handbook makes no claims of miracle cures or instant changes, and Harper even goes as far as debunking many traditional myths surrounding the method.

At first glance the wealth of information seems mind-boggling. Split into sections aimed at cleansing the body, mind and spirit, the book takes the reader through from the basics of detoxing to more advanced stages, via three program levels. Harper provides details on which foods -- fruits, vegetables, bowel foods, super foods, proteins, sprouts, grains and culinary herbs -- to eat at each level of the body detox, plus comprehensive guidelines on applicable medicinal herbs, supplements and spa techniques.

The mind and spirit detox sections provide practical advice about issues such as exercise, relaxation and problem solving, using a combination of Western and Eastern perspectives. Bullet points break the text into easily digestible nuggets, and colorful pictures typical of Dorling Kindersley high standards illustrate throughout.

My only criticism lies with the organization. In the case of the body detox in particular, it would have been nice to have everything relevant to each level grouped together as a whole. Instead, you'll find yourself flicking back and forth through the pages, trying to ascertain which foods and supplements you need, wishing for the availability of just one more finger to keep that crucial page marked. My copy ended up decorated with post-it notes and color-coded tabs, making sections more easily distinguishable in an instant.

If you assume you can have a quick browse, grasp the basics and put them into action, think again. The author recommends a thorough read before trying the programs, and with the huge amount of information contained within the 128 pages, that's wise advice.

Rachel Newcombe

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