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Crescent Blues Book ViewsBerkley (Hardcover), ISBN: 0425188361

From the very secret diary of Anita Blake:

Dear Diary: it's been a tough week. Example: had mind-blowing sex with Nimir-Raj, went to office (still the best dead-body-raiser, yay me!), nearly killed scary customer, thought about sex, raised hubby of shrieky, nasty woman (silly wench didn't even thank me, must remember to off her on free afternoon), got very desperate for sex, knifed seriously scary Barbie-doll vamp threatening Asher and Jean Claude, had mind-blowing sex with two of the hottest vamps on planet (yay me!), investigated a couple of pesky murders, had sex, offed a few monsters, had sex, alienated usually friendly cop, had sex, played mind games with even scarier vampire lady… Oh dear, there goes that ol' sex urge again…will write more after a rousing round of spin-the-wereleopards to satisfy my ardeur….

Book: Laurell k. Hamilton, cerulean sins
Once more Anita Blake, intrepid vampire hunter, necromancer and woman voted most likely to win Nymphomaniac of the Year, faces death, danger, and the chance she'll have to go without sex for more than six hours. You see, Jean Claude's original maker wants to put the moves on the tasty vamp's territory, something Anita, of course, won't allow. Not to mention being followed by international terrorists who may or may not want to kidnap her, trying to help track down a rogue werewolf raping and mutilating women and a very serious feud with what used to be one of her closest cop friends.

Before the party ends Anita will need to face some hard truths regarding the ever-increasing power she seems to be acquiring. How much longer before she becomes one of the monsters she used to so assiduously hunt? Can Anita assuage her ardeur enough to take care of business? Will she ever mend the rift with Richard so the Triumvirate can show a united front to Belle Morte? Can she save her friendship with Dolph and still fool around with the aforementioned tasty monsters? And last, but certainly not least, do we even care any more?

Book: Laurell k. hamilton, a caress of twilight
I wish I could say "yes," but, in my humble opinion -- and I'm sure the rabid Anita fans out there will vehemently disagree with me -- what used to be one of my favorite butt-kicking-chicks just ain't got that ol' zip any more. Unlike the first four or five Anita Blake books, I quickly became bored with Cerulean Sins' endless descriptions of each character's clothing, along with ad nauseum scenes of Anita getting it on with an endless stream of sexier-than-thou vamps and lycanthropes.

I couldn't make up my mind which aspect I disliked more -- reading just how sexy Anita and company looked every few pages or reading yet another round of the horizontal mambo in equally as few pages. I like sex as much as the next woman but after awhile my attitude got to be, "Not again!" And don't even get me started on my opinion of Anita's decaying relationships with normal, human people. That way lies madness and besides, my senior editor doesn't allow 100,000 word reviews.

Do yourself a favor. If you must read this book, wait till it comes out in paperback. That way if you, like me, feel the urge to hurl it across the room as a once great character sinks to an all-time new low, you won't put a dent in your wall like I did.

Teri Smith

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