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Crescent Blues Book ViewsDel Rey (Paperback), ISBN 034530280X
Drallar may not be the best of places to raise a family. But for an orphan with sticky fingers and psychic powers the decadent capital city of planet Moth provides a fertile playground in which to grow. Anything from potent drugs to human lives can be bought in Drallar, a fact that the Flinx knows all too well.

Book: alan dean foster, the tar-aiym kraang
The Flinx, an ethical thief (or at the very least he tries to be) makes a living separating tourists from their credits via his performance as a semi-authentic mind reader. However, when one of his predictions directly results in the death of an unknown individual, causing him to inherit a star map, Flinx's life takes an interesting turn.

Accepting a job to guide two odd strangers about the city, Flinx soon learns where his map leads and becomes embroiled in a scientific expedition to locate an ancient super weapon called the Krang. Unfortunately, others with less honorable intentions also seek the Krang, determined to have the weapon all to themselves.

Now Flinx, the thranx Truzenzuzex, his ever present philosophical comrade Bran Tse-Mallory and the wealthy trader Malaika must find a way to keep the Krang out of the hands of both the militant reptilian race known as the AAnn and Malaika's most dangerous rival, Rashalleila Nuaman. But Rashalleila, one of the most powerful women in the trading houses of Moth, has problems of her own. Rashalleila's niece, Teleen auz Rudenuaman, plots to take control of her aunt's company.

Alan Dean Foster does a bang up job in this, his first novel. The characters prove likable; the heroes, easy to empathize with; and the villains easily despised. An engaging story of both coming of age and interstellar hi-jinx, and though first released in 1972, The Tar Aiym Krang still satisfies.

Ted Odell

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