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New iconRobert I. Katz: Surgical Risk
New iconLinda F. Radke: Promote like a Pro (Small Budget, Big Show)
Matt Ruff: Set This House in Order
Genell Dellin: The Lover
Don Bruns: Jamaica Blue
L. E. Modesitt Jr.: The Magic Engineer
Mary Reed and Eric Meyer: Four for a Boy
Sallie Bissell: A Darker Justice
Mick Farren: Underland
Karen Lee: Cupid.Com
Marianne MacDonald: Blood Lies
Lynn Emery: All I Want Is Forever
Anne Rice: Blackwood Farm

William J. Coughlin and Walter Sorrel: Proof of Intent
Gary Braver: Gray Matter
Lynn Kurland: My Heart Stood Still
Lora Roberts: Another Fine Mess
Faye Kellerman: Moon Music

YA Perspective
New iconCarlo Collodi: Pinocchio
Mary E. Pearson: David v. God
Josie Lloyd and Emlyn Reed: The Boy Next Door
Carol Matas: Sparks Fly Upwards

Music Views
Son of Adam: Waiting for the Radio

Movie Views
New iconDaredevil: Second-String Superhero
Waking Ned Devine: Irish Magic

: Stark and Gripping

Two Weeks Notice: Less than Notice-worthy

Sweet and Lowdown: Silent Fizzle

Second Look
Kate Ross: Cut to the Quick








Patricia Briggs
Tee Morris

New iconTee Morris: Theatrical Vision Part Two
Tee Morris: Theatrical Vision
Noble Blades Choreograph Combat, Classes
Patricia Briggs: Sharing Fantastic Secrets

Lynn Kurland: Magic from the Mundane


New iconEditorial: Fireworks in February
The Year in Books

Jean Marie Ward: What I Meant to Write

Dawn Goldsmith: The Ghosts of Books Unreviewed
John Grant: Guilt-Trip Round-Up
Moira Richards: Beyond the Mainstream

New iconKathy Bates Bares All
The New and Improved, Alan Smithee Diaries:
Minuscule on 34th St

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