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Crescent Blues Book ViewsFive Star Publications, Inc. (Trade Paperback), ISBN: 1-877749-36-2
In a perfect world, an unknown writer's first book would become an immediate bestseller, granting the writer universal recognition. In the real world, however, beginning and self-published writers need to put in extra legwork to make their book a success. However, if the unknown writer follows the advice found in Linda F. Radke's Promote Like a Pro: Small Budget, Big Show, their chances of success would rise dramatically.

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Promote Like a Pro, a book divided into two parts, takes the reader through a crash course in publicizing their work. The first part distills the advice Radke garnered through her experiences running Five Star Publications, Inc. She offers tips on the basics of book promotion, finding publicity tie-ins, getting media reviews and using the Internet to gain extra publicity. She also takes the reader through the process of developing a press kit and hammers home one message: start publicity efforts early. As Radke points out on page 12, "When is the best time to start publicity? Yesterday."

The second part of the book, "The Inside Scoop," contains four chapters of articles by professional publicists, marketing experts, people involved in print and broadcast media, Internet experts and successful self-promoters. The articles contain valuable information every self-promoter and first-time author needs, from tips on publicizing your books to using the Internet to boost sales.

Radke numbers six other books, the president of Five Star Publications, Inc., among her credits. The titles include The Domestic Screening Kit, The Economical Guide to Self-Publishing: How to Produce and Market Your Book on a Budget and Household Careers: Nannies, Butlers, Maids & More. The last named book won first place in the 1994 Arizona Press Women's Communications Contest and received a 1994 AACE Citation for Career Education Initiatives.

Only one part of the book presented a challenge. While supposedly written for the beginning writer and professional speaker, the section covering the development of a marketing plan will leave those without public relations experience thoroughly confused. Also, many of the topics covered only explore the basics. Many, such as how to make your book signing a success or how to prepare for radio appearances, can be explored in greater depth on the Internet.

Still, Promote Like a Pro stays true to its promise to "teach you the basics of publicity." Designed for easy access to the topics covered, and offering detailed advice and sample plans without industry jargon or distracting graphics, this book should be in the hands of anyone with something to sell.

Dawn Colclasure

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