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Crescent Blues Book ViewsHarcourt Young Adult (Hardcover), ISBN 0-15-202058
When David James's biology field trip bus driver takes a wrong turn, David and his classmates end up dead. At first, David (the class clown) jokes about it. Then reality sets in, and David gets nervous. He can't be dead, or can he?

Book: Mary E Pearson: david v god
While his fellow classmates stare gleefully out the bus window at heaven's scenery, David and the class nerd, Marie Smythe, see nothing but clouds. Why can't he and Marie see what the others see? David confronts Nardo (God's bus driver) with this issue and finds an error. No "David James" or "Marie Smythe" appear on the route list for March 13 -- just a "David Jones" and a "Marie Smith."

Death pulls David farther and farther away from his body. Time is of the essence! David demands to speak to Nardo's supervisor about the mix-up. However, since David didn't talk to God while on earth, he can't talk to him in heaven. When Nardo suggests David compete with God to win back his body, the only competition David can suggest is a debate. Trying to make himself look worthy, David claims to be president of the Speech and Debate Club. When God accepts the challenge, Marie -- the real President of the Speech and Debate Team -- realizes that left on his own David will only get them deeper and deeper into trouble. As a result, this unlikely couple, the "Nerdess Supreme" and the "class clown," team up for the debate of their life.

David v. God takes David's personal near-death experience and makes it into a fabulous reading experience, complete with a fascinating setting, highly-entertaining dialogue, a little romance and a thrilling resolution. Heartwarming, comedic and innovative, this story can be enjoyed by readers of all ages and religions. Here, a basically non-denominational God appears as a kind and helpful entity with a sarcastic funny bone and a fatherly heart. Like her creation of "God," each of Pearson's characters compliment the story and play an important and satisfying role in this delightful young adult take on Albert Brook's Defending Your Life.

In her debut novel, Mary E. Pearson delivers a heavenly blessing!

Lynne Remick

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