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Crescent Blues Book ViewsTor Books (Paperback) ISBN: 0812534050
Order and Chaos, two opposing forces in a constant state of flux, direct the lives of men and women in a world where wizards rule and fate is decided on the edge of a sword. On the continent of Candar, the White Wizards of Chaos hold sway, their fanatical regime ever so slowly tightening its grip on the world.

Book: l. e. modesitt jr., the magic engineer
The White Wizards Sterol, Jeslek, Anya, and Cerryl play a dangerous game of intrigue, plotting with and against each other as they vie for power and the right to wear the High Wizard's amulet, the symbol of authority for the servants of Chaos.

Meanwhile on the peaceful, orderly island nation of Recluse, one young man causes quite a stir. Dorrin, the son of an air wizard and a healer, seeks to do something important with his life, something that could change the world, something that the Order masters believe could destroy the very foundation of their society.

Dorrin wants to build machines. He burns with the conviction that he could do what others could not -- build a machine of Order that could control the Chaos needed to power it. Unfortunately for him, on Recluse those who do not accept the ways of Order are exiled to more volatile regions of the globe.

Forced to wander Candar in search of the meaning of Order, Dorrin, his oldest friend Kadara, and the disarmingly simple Brede reluctantly set out on their adventure and soon learn what it means to live in a world controlled by Chaos. Dorrin begins to build machines for war, to stop the advance of the Whites on his new home. But will that be enough?

Modesitt gives us an epic tale of war, magic and burgeoning technology, and while the villains tend to be somewhat underdeveloped in this volume, The Magic Engineer still provides a cracking good read.

Ted Odell

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