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Two Weeks Notice: Less than Notice-worthy

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Attorney and political activist Lucy Kelson (Sandra Bullock), plies her legal expertise against the local power machine in this, uh, "romantic comedy." Then she meets George Wade (Hugh Grant), upscale billionaire and power monger, and changes her direction.

George needs an assistant, and Lucy decides to fight the system from the inside. Plus, her $250,000 salary may come in handy for bail. So Lucy goes to work for George and quickly learns that George needs a keeper more than a highly paid assistant. Lucy gladly takes on additional responsibilities as his major and minor decision-maker.

But just as their romance begins to shoot above the freezing mark, George breaks his agreement to protect Lucy's beloved community center. Lucy thumbs her nose at the quarter of a million and turns in her two weeks notice.

Will Lucy find a replacement in time to pick out George's shirt and tie? Will George change his mind and save the crumbling inner-city community center? Blah, blah, blah.

If you like a good romantic comedy, you may want to save your popcorn money for Maid in Manhattan, because this one offers no romance and very little comedy. I do remember laughing twice: once when Dixie spilled popcorn on a guy sleeping in a front seat and once when a little old lady lost her walker and rolled down the theater steps. Hilarious.

For 100 minutes, Sandra stumbles around in a poor imitation of Miss Congeniality. Meanwhile, Hugh Grant, acting like a super rich, inept air-head, fumbles through his dialog and drops his punch-lines worse than a first year stand-up student. Wait a minute -- maybe he wasn't acting.

Both Grant and Bullock qualify as gorgeous, but they sparked no chemical reaction and evoked no empathy. And that's sad because they both tried so hard. I give it a "C" because the effort alone deserves more than a "D".

Dixie Says: Sandra Bullock, usually one of my favorites, really blew it this time. And Hugh Grant's good looks and charm couldn't save the day. That British "stiff-upper-lip" accent made me think of Terry Thomas minus the gap between his front teeth.

And the story leaves me colder than an English winter. How can two beautiful adults look so intelligent and yet act so stupid? Get this: A handsome millionaire, with access to countless women, finds making a simple decision impossible? Could that be why he's still single?

Poor Sandra. She blossoms from a Plain-Jane apparition into a stunning eye-full, much like she did in Love Potion Number Nine, but this time it didn't work. And I never felt any connection between these two characters. l don't think she even liked the pompous ass. I've not been so disappointed since she made Two If By Sea, that horrible movie with Denis Leary.

Other people I talked to really liked this movie. But it did nothing for me, so it could be my problem. I didn't like Popeye, either. I give it a "D" for dumb, dreadful, and dud.

Don & Dixie Mitchell

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