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New iconMick Farren: Underland
New icon
Karen Lee: Cupid.Com
New iconMarianne MacDonald: Blood Lies
New icon
Lynn Emery: All I Want Is Forever
Anne Rice: Blackwood Farm
William J. Coughlin and Walter Sorrel: Proof of Intent
Gary Braver: Gray Matter
Anne Rice: Blackwood Farm
Lynn Kurland: My Heart Stood Still
Lora Roberts: Another Fine Mess
Tina Wainscott: Now You See Me
Karen McCullough: Witch's Journey
Sherrilyn Kenyon: Fantasy Lover
Lillian Stewart Carl: Time Enough To Die
S. D. Tooley: Restless Spirit
Keith Miles: Bermuda Grass
Rose Tremain : Music and Silence
Lisa Lee and Tee Morris: Morevi
Stuart Woods: Santa Fe Rules
Robert J. Randisi: East of the Arch
Chris Gavaler: Pretend I'm Not Here
Faye Kellerman: Moon Music

YA Perspective
New iconCarol Matas: Sparks Fly Upwards
Meg Cabot: Nicola and the Viscount
Cynthia Leitich Smith: Indian Shoes
Linda Sue Park: The Kite Fighters

Movie Views
New iconNarc: Stark and Gripping
New iconTwo Weeks Notice: Less than Notice-worthy
Sweet and Lowdown: Silent Fizzle

Second Look
New iconKate Ross: Cut to the Quick
Gordon R. Dickson: The Dragon, The Earl and The Troll

Video Views
Tempest: Shakespeare Meets Freund








Patricia Briggs
Lynn Kurland

New iconPatricia Briggs: Sharing Fantastic Secrets
New icon
Lynn Kurland: Magic from the Mundane
Secret Santa: A Little Mystery Makes Christmas Magic
Reindogs on Parade: Putting Their Best Paws Forward
Margaret Weis: Dragon Team Player

Capclave 2002: Whither the Fen?

The Year in Books
New iconJean Marie Ward: What I Meant to Write
New iconDawn Goldsmith: The Ghosts of Books Unreviewed
New iconJohn Grant: Guilt-Trip Round-Up
New iconMoira Richards: Beyond the Mainstream

Editorial: Whose Decade Is It Anyway

New iconThe New and Improved, Alan Smithee Diaries: Minuscule on 34th St

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