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Crescent Blues Book ViewsAmber Quill (Paperback), ISBN 1-59279-931-0

Double Vision begins with a curious 15-year-old girl named Haley and an eerie double take -- could the Watcher sitting behind the plant at the restaurant be stalking her? And why?

Book: linda joy singleton double vision
Since coincidence seems unlikely, Haley takes matters into her own hands. She follows the boy into the men's room and believes she's cornered him. The boy escapes into thin air, leaving behind a strange pair of reflective sunglasses. Unable to let go of her only clue, Haley swipes the glasses and brings them home. From that moment on, strange things start to happen. Haley and her father suffer a near fatal car crash caused by foul play. A boy on rollerblades nearly runs her down. Haley senses a connection between the Watcher to the accidents, which she sets out to prove it using the glasses.

When Haley puts the glasses on, she enters a parallel world without the problems of her present one -- she doesn't share a room with her sister, she's popular, with a definitely not pregnant mother and a living grandmother. Only when she encounters her alternate self does she get bounced back into the world in which she lives, sick and tired from the trip. Haley struggles with the decision to keep the glasses or destroy them. Yet, if Haley doesn't return to the other world, she'll never find her connection to the Watcher.

Known for her thrilling young adult science fiction series, Regeneration, as well as her teen series, Cheer Squad, and the speculative teen fiction series, My Sister the Ghost, Linda Joy Singleton continues to demonstrate her skillful plotting and unusual twists and turns in this supernatural thriller.

Lynne Marie Pisano

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