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Crescent Blues Book ViewsIvy Books (Paperback), ISBN 080411997X

We meet Vivi Stansfield on the worst day of her up-until-now privileged life. For starters, Vivi catches her fiancÚ with another woman. But it gets much worse than that. We know from the beginning that the guy possesses no personality and, therefore, cannot be main character material.

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Besides, Vivi must deal with more pressing matters, like why can't she buy a pair of shoes without each and every one of her credit cards being rejected? Don't these people know that Texas heiress Vivienne Stansfield could buy her own shoe-filled country? Or so she thinks.

To her disbelief, she soon learns her money and her beloved father no longer reside in her world. Luckily, our gal maintains her upbeat, glass-half-full kind of personality. However, even Vivi, the pink-clad heroine in Linda Francis Lee's The Wedding Diaries, cannot deny her now debt-ridden existence. Lucky for her, she's in a romance novel, where you can't throw a rock without hitting a gorgeous guy willing to lend a helping hand (not to mention several other body parts) to a damsel in distress. Perhaps the worst day of her life may turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to her.

Despite the hatchet job the press once did on Vivi, I couldn't help but like her. She acts kindly toward children, the downtrodden, and people in need of makeovers. Our story picks up when wealthy real estate mogul Max Landry turns out to need her one-of-a-kind help. Unbeknownst to Vivi, Max harbors a connection to her that goes back to their childhood. Vivi knows, however, that Max can help change her life. In return, Vivi intends to mend his broken family.

Playing the part of nanny to Max's two younger sisters, Vivi soon becomes indispensable to the Landry family in her own unique way. In addition to cooking and cleaning, she gives Max's emotionally fragile sisters strawberry yogurt facials and advice on the dangers of fake boobs. Clearly, just what every adolescent girl needs. She also sleeps in the bedroom right next door to Max (apparently what every not-so-adolescent boy needs).

Although from different sides of the social tracks, Max and Vivi share a lot in common. They both suffer from abandonment issues. They both experience loneliness.

They also both see a really pretty person looking back at them in the mirror. Being such pretty people, they can't help but be drawn to one another, and then they resist one another, only to be drawn to one another once again, just too damn good-looking not to play hard-to-get. Somehow, they know that they're in a romance novel and must act accordingly.

Despite the less-than-original-I-love-you-hate-you routine happening here, I still wanted to know: Will the pretty people fall in love? Will they get their happily ever after? Most importantly, will the now money-conscious Vivi continue to shop at Wal-Mart if and when she and Max do fall in love and win their happily ever after?

The Wedding Diaries: Worth sneaking a peek at to find out.

Meg Corcoran

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