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Crescent Blues Book ViewsOnyx Contemporary Romance (Paperback), ISBN 0-451-41113-7

If the title of this delicious book doesn't hook you into reading it (how could it not?), make a leap of faith and take the plunge into this sassy romance. Katie MacAlister won't let you down. An acclaimed writer of charming, quirky and comedic romances (The Lion's Shadow, Noble Intentions, Improper English) and hilarious young adult novels (The Year My Life Went Down the Loo and more), MacAlister will reel you in as early as page two, when her spunky, jet-legged protagonist falls asleep in public, and won't let go until the very last page.

Book: katie macalister, men in kilts
Trying to forget the "drool incident," American mystery writer Kathie Williams grabs her Murder in Manchester book bag and heads into the mystery conference -- straight into life of Iain MacLaren, mystery enthusiast, dishy Scot and sheep farmer -- emphasis on dishy Scot. With kilts in her eyes, Kathie puts her best foot forward and winds up -- dare I say it -- under the covers with Iain.

While getting the prospective lovers into bed usually proves half the fun of romance reading, with Katie MacAlister at the wheel, the fun has just begun! Before McAlister's main character can get control of her first person adventure, she meets the dishy Scot's disapproving son, travels through Scotland to a sheep farm, engages in a skirmish with Iain's last lover, drives on the wrong side of the road and falls in love.

You won't want to put this delightful book down as you follow Kathie through the trials and errors of attempting to get a wedding ring on her finger. Full of laughs, tender moments, snarky comments, brilliant surprises and a captivating cast of well-drawn, quirky characters (including the inimitable Aunt Amber), Men in Kilts will keep you feeling waves of passion (and snickering) long after you close the book.

Lynne Marie Pisano

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