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Crescent Blues Book ViewsClarion Books (Hardback), ISBN 1-618-18185-7

Beneath the cover of this illustrated novel lies fantasy, fairy tale, and most importantly, fun!! Patricia Easton Harrison (Summer's Chance and A Week at the Fair, A Country Celebration) crafts a delightfully different spin on a family favorite. Mike Wohnoutka's pencil illustrations add to the charm and comedy of this romp through the pond.

Book: Patricia harrison easton, davey's blue eyed tree frog
This terrific tale features not the usual frog prince, but a frog princess -- not your ordinary frog princess, either. She has bright blue eyes, answers to the name Amy and comes from another planet!

With just one kiss from a boy (there aren't any real princes anymore) before two cycles of the moon pass, the spell cast on Amy will break. She will be transported home, where she intends overthrow her evil uncle and regain the throne. But when Davey finds her in his pond, he doesn't believe in such spells. And he refuses to kiss her. The outspoken frog says more than a few words about this. Finally, Davey agrees, but only if she promises to speak in front of his friends on Saturday.

As Davey cares for and feeds his bossy frog princess (and tries to keep her safe from his little brother), he discovers frogs need a lot more attention than he ever realized. No wonder his last frog died! With the help of his best friend, Becky, Davey sees Amy as a living creature with feelings. Finally, he realizes that what he wants to do and what he ought to do can be two different things.

Lynne Marie Pisano

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