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Time Flies When You're Having Fun

Five years ago at DragonCon, a group of friends signed the incorporation papers creating Crescent Blues. Avid readers of science fiction, fantasy, romance and mystery, we found ourselves equally annoyed by mainstream critics dissing the books we loved and fan sites that gushed over anything with a brand name.

It perplexed us that no one seemed to notice the cultural similarities linking readers of fantasy, science fiction, mystery and romance. Fan culture doesn't begin and end with Star Trek, for example. Mystery readers, like science fiction readers, seek out films and television shows related to their favorite genre. Romance readers also buy books by their covers.

All genres elevate particular celebrities to cult status. The ladies in line for Nora Roberts signings may look a lot different than the Goths hoping for a glimpse of Anne Rice. But the fans standing in those lines sound remarkably similar. If you could transcribe their remarks and substitute "Rourke" for "Lestat" or "Mayfair witches" for "three sisters," you'd be hard put to identify who stood where.

We decided to explore to explore the similarities -- and differences -- in the genre culture through Crescent Blues. Since 1998, we've covered everything from book expos to ballet, fan cons, pro cons, and conferences in haunted hotels.

We interviewed jewelers, painters, actors, producers and so many writers we sometimes wonder who could possibly be left to interview. Then one of us reads a book by a new author or a new book by an author we previously ignored, and suddenly, we want to know more.

In this, our fifth anniversary issue, we celebrate the genre culture that inaugurated this enterprise. You'll find the first of two photo features on DragonCon and can look forward to a major interview with Jim Butcher. In the months ahead, we hope to introduce you to writers Nancy Knight and Deborah Donnelly, artists Stephanie Law and Laura Reynolds, to catch up with Rochelle Krich and investigate the next big project of Phil Brucato (of Mage, the Ascension fame).

And that's just for starters. Who knows where we'll find ourselves when the next five-year mark rolls around again?

Jean Marie Ward

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