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New iconTina Wainscott: Now You See Me
New iconKaren McCullough: Witch's Journey
New iconSherrilyn Kenyon: Fantasy Lover
New iconLillian Stewart Carl: Time Enough To Die
S. D. Tooley: Restless Spirit
Keith Miles: Bermuda Grass
Rose Tremain : Music and Silence
Lisa Lee and Tee Morris: Morevi
Stuart Woods: Santa Fe Rules
Robert J. Randisi: East of the Arch
Chris Gavaler: Pretend I'm Not Here
Faye Kellerman: Moon Music
J. R. R. Tolkien, David Wenzel, Charles Dixon and Sean Deming: The Hobbit, An Illustrated Editon of the Fantasy Classic [Abridged]
Ed Gorman: Save the Last Dance for Me
Rochelle Krich: Blues in the Night
Laurell K. Hamilton: A Caress of Twilight
Robert Zubrin: First Landing
Stephen King: From a Buick 8
Laurell K. Hamilton: Blue Moon
Kristen Britain: Green Rider
Jeffrey Cohen: For Whom the Minivan Rolls
Judith Tarr: Lady of Horses
Laura Castolo: Crossing the Line
Kristin Hannah: Distant Shores
Jonna Turner: The Desk
Deborah Donnelly: Died to Match
Kate Wilhelm: Skeletons
Ellen Jaffe: Writing Your Way: Creating a Personal Journal

YA Perspective
Meg Cabot: Nicola and the Viscount
Cynthia Leitich Smith: Indian Shoes
Linda Sue Park: The Kite Fighters
Bonny Becker: My Brother, The Robot
Susan Heyboer O'Keefe: My Life and Death by Alexandra Canarsie
Andre West: Gypsy Pie
Richard Mosher: Zazoo

Dottie Enderle: The Lost Girl

Second Look
New iconGordon R. Dickson: The Dragon, The Earl and The Troll
Patricia Gaffney: Circle of Three
Christopher Stasheff: The Warlock in Spite of Himself

Video Views
Tempest: Shakespeare Meets Freund
: How Low Can You Go?

A Time To Kill: The Fire-Whip of Justice
Bullets over Broadway
: Eavesdropping on Evil
Psychos for the New Age








Stanley Schmidt
Magaret Weis

Holiday Cheer
New iconSecret Santa: A Little Mystery Makes Christmas Magic
New iconReindogs on Parade: Putting Their Best Paws Forward

New icon
Margaret Weis: Dragon Team Player
Capclave 2002: Whither the Fen?

Dragon*Con 2002: Fantastic Flights
Canadian Film Swept Under U.S. Theatrical Rug
Jordan Weisman: Gamer's Luck, Business Savvy
A Yankee Girl's Guide to Brit Chick Lit

New iconEditorial: Fractured Christmas Carols
Editorial: Whose Decade Is It Anyway

The New and Improved, Alan Smithee Diaries: Monstrous Ink

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