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Crescent Blues Book ViewsDragon Moon Press (Trade Paperback), ISBN 0-596944-07
You say you have this overwhelming urge to swash a buckle? Do you long for the good old days when men were men and women were women, and both sexes kicked serious derriere? And some secret part of you that not only wants historical fiction but a slice of the fantasy cake to enjoy with it too?

Book: Lisa lee and tee morris, MoreviFortunately for fans of the above, Lisa Lee's and Tee Morris's debut novel, Morevi, ably satisfies readers' craving for high adventure, historical fantasy, and -- believe it or not -- romance. After all, Errol Flynn always got the gal, didn't he?

Set in a Tudor England where a magical rift between worlds allows privateers not one but two oceans to plunder, Captain Rafe Rafton does just that. Rafe, originally hired by Eyrie, a land beyond the Rift, to plunder ships from the land of Morevi, unexpectedly finds himself hired by Askana, Morevi's queen. Askana, also known as the Black Widow of Morevi -- not only for her fighting skills, but also for her political deviousness -- needs Rafe's peculiar and particular skills to help her discover the traitor trying to usurp her throne.

From the jolly, yet quite deadly, court of King Henry the VIII to the fantastically strange, yet no less deadly, lands of Naruihm, Rafe and Askana fight pirates, deadly beasts and their own hearts as they race against time to secure Askana's throne.

As a reader, I love books that present me with unforgettable characters. Rafe Rafton fills this bill -- his quick tongue and even quicker weapon (and he's good with a sword too) bring to mind some of Errol Flynn's better silver screen exploits. While I didn't quite care for Askana as much as I did Rafe, or First Mate Nassir or even Mistress Gunner Sarah, I did understand and appreciate the lengths to which this beleaguered queen must go to secure her birthright and save her land.

So avast ye lubbers! Set sail for the nearest port and hand over your hard won coin of the realm to the first merchant of books you find and procure this rollicking tale of blood, honor, and true love. Good men like Errol Flynn -- and Captain Rafe Rafton -- should always be enjoyed to the fullest.

Teri Smith

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